Software Tools to Inspire Admissions Success

The digital tools used by an admission team are as important to the success of your enrollment efforts as the recruitment tools aimed at applicants. Software and workflows that are tailored to a school’s needs can be integral to enrollment success. The right tools and the right support can make your team more efficient and inspire admissions officers to do their best work. Institutions rely on their admissions software to streamline the application process, manage enrollees and provide data to drive decisions and planning. Proof ADMISSIONS and our hands-on approach to working with schools meet these needs in unique ways.

Walnut Hill School for the Arts is an independent boarding and day school that offers transformational experiences for students in grades 9-12. Featuring a unique and diverse academic curriculum which includes dance; music; theater; visual art; and writing, film and media arts, Walnut Hill students are prepared to succeed in college and beyond.

“We needed to work with a vendor who understood us and our needs,” says Susanne Carpenter, Assistant Head of School. “As an arts school, we have the unique challenge of enrolling students into both grades and art majors. The Proof Group not only listened to what we needed but also delivered on it.”

Working with the Walnut Hill team, The Proof Group delivered an admissions software solution that removes barriers within the school’s multichannel admissions workflow. Proof ADMISSIONS and Collector were configured to meet Walnut Hill’s unique data management and reporting needs.  The focus from the outset was to understand the desired outcomes and outputs and from there to make the software and our services support those goals, even as they evolve over time.

“It’s pretty rare to feel as though your software company is a key part of your team,” says Carpenter. “We feel as though we have a partnership with The Proof Group.”

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Steve is co-founder of The Proof Group with Ernest Koe and serves as the company Chairman and COO. He has over 16 years of experience on the operations, consulting, project management and service end of software development. Prior to that, Steve was an independent school teacher, coach and dorm parent.