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It’s not the registrar’s fault. Or the teachers’. Or IT.

But it’s often those staffers that have to tame the conglomeration of Franken-systems schools get forced into using, stitching single-purpose software together to accommodate unique complexities.

The Proof Academics Suite makes a jagged edge smoother, integrating features and functions and data to support all your signature programs. And Proof’s unsurpassed support and services ensure that your people are well taken care of, too.

Working with our educator-friendly team can help you define what you need and why. More than 15 years of practical problem solving in independent schools of all kinds have allowed us to build a platform that is meant to be extended to genuinely meet your goals. Much as our software is designed to address your year-on-year needs, Proof commits to engage year-to-year with your school’s evolution.

Every school does it differently and they should. So stop playing the blame game. Stop compensating for what your software can’t do. Go ahead and brag about what makes you unique. Proof can help you back it up.

Customized Configuration

Proof ACADEMICS is custom tailored to the programs, classrooms, divisions, marking periods and assessment types that make your school unique. Challenging schedule? Bring it on. This is software that fits your school.

Teacher Tools to Inspire Success

The teacher portal empowers faculty to quickly access and manage a wide range of assessments, providing comprehensive feedback and accountability. Instead of asking faculty to deal with a cluttered dashboard full of irrelevant features, the Proof team designs easily added modules that can put essential features at educators’ fingertips.

Unbounded Potential

Limitless integration and expansion possibilities make the Proof Academics Suite the foundation for a truly authoritative student information system. Customize transcripts, clarify your calendars, and create an accessible administrative culture.