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As a rule, Proof doesn’t say no. I don’t mean that we always agree to everything that is asked of us. We just don’t believe that “no” is a reasonable answer to most requests.

In some ways we have that luxury because of our platform, but that isn’t by mistake. We have chosen our platforms—and we have built our ethos—around the belief that there should be a high level option for schools that are more interested in having their actual problems solved than they are in a list of features that are accompanied by “no, you can’t do that” to everything that isn’t on that list.

I was reminded of how important this to who we are and what we mean to the people we work with after reading a note that Allie Brunhouse from The Pingry School sent me recently: “Never once did you say no, but rather, let’s talk and understand how we can make this work. And you always have.”

When you lead with “no” you lose the opportunity to understand what is being asked and to come up with a solution. Sometimes the solution is too complicated or too expensive or would take too much time, and it just doesn’t make sense. Sometimes the perceived problem isn’t a problem at all when approached from a different direction. And sometimes the solution is a chance to do something really cool and valuable that will make a difference for the users. That is what Proof lives for.

The digital tools used by an admission team are as important to the success of your enrollment efforts as the recruitment tools aimed at applicants. Software and workflows that are tailored to a school’s needs can be integral to enrollment success. The right tools and the right support can make your team more efficient and inspire admissions officers to do their best work. Institutions rely on their admissions software to streamline the application process, manage enrollees and provide data to drive decisions and planning. Proof ADMISSIONS and our hands-on approach to working with schools meet these needs in unique ways.

Walnut Hill School for the Arts is an independent boarding and day school that offers transformational experiences for students in grades 9-12. Featuring a unique and diverse academic curriculum which includes dance; music; theater; visual art; and writing, film and media arts, Walnut Hill students are prepared to succeed in college and beyond.

“We needed to work with a vendor who understood us and our needs,” says Susanne Carpenter, Assistant Head of School. “As an arts school, we have the unique challenge of enrolling students into both grades and art majors. The Proof Group not only listened to what we needed but also delivered on it.”

Working with the Walnut Hill team, The Proof Group delivered an admissions software solution that removes barriers within the school’s multichannel admissions workflow. Proof ADMISSIONS and Collector were configured to meet Walnut Hill’s unique data management and reporting needs.  The focus from the outset was to understand the desired outcomes and outputs and from there to make the software and our services support those goals, even as they evolve over time.

“It’s pretty rare to feel as though your software company is a key part of your team,” says Carpenter. “We feel as though we have a partnership with The Proof Group.”

Interested in learning more about The Proof Group’s suite of admissions, academics and advancement offerings? Contact us for more information.

The Hun School of Princeton was looking for an admissions software that changed the way it handled incoming students. Steve Bristol, Director of Admissions & Financial Aid, recruited Proof to create a fully integrated system that supported the way The Hun School operated, by focusing on three key functions:
  1. Find key data points, easier and faster.
  2. Manage and track interests and communications.
  3. Personalize admissions process.

Within the first year, Proof’s Admissions software has become The Hun School’s primary tool for communications. With solutions that fit your school’s workflow, Proof provides highly personalized systems backed by unrivaled customer support. Contact us today to learn more.


The school application process can be stressful. In the digital age, more and more schools are turning toward online admission tools to make it easy and convenient for prospective students to apply for various programs offered by colleges and universities during the admission cycle.

By introducing one admissions system, schools can enable students to submit forms, upload documents, track application status, register for assessment tests, view test scores and pay registration fees. All student documents are housed in one complete admissions system, streamlining application processes and tracking for admissions offices.

Powerful communication and collaboration are key to the success of a school’s admissions office. Building and maintaining a relationship with students begins with acquiring information, followed by quick, easy access to the information later on. Automation tools enable administrators in higher education institutes to stay up-to-date on the status of every single one of their students. You should be able to track application history and status, send automatic email alerts, as well as send relevant and personalized information as it applies online.

Welcoming a student to a higher education institute begins with admissions. The right software provides online application forms from admission to registration, enrollment and beyond. Deliver great results with the Proof Group, a team of consultants and software architects dedicated to helping independent schools and small colleges by solving problems, providing elegant software and super-human support. Schedule a consultation with us, today!

As an admissions team for an independent school or small college, personalization with your prospective, current and past students is key. The hundreds of families that you encounter on a daily basis expect you to know them personally. So, how is this personalization achievable? There are a few ways to keep your admissions team in the know while solidifying relationships with your school’s students and families.

First, you need time. In order to create personal relationships, you need to have the time to spend learning and interacting with students and families. Efficient and effective software allows you and your team to access information all in one place, quickly and easily. This simple addition to your workflow reduces the time you spend organizing and tracking student data and updates.

In order to gain personal relationships with more families, attentiveness plays a huge factor. With all your information housed in one place, you can go into a meeting with a family, knowing you have the most up-to-date and accurate information. This personal touch tells the family that you care, ultimately leaving a lasting impression.

Alongside the idea of attentiveness to gain personalization is functionality and ease. Accurate, easy-to-use software is something you and your admissions team will surely benefit from. Let’s say someone is out sick. Your daily operations cannot stop; therefore, you need a functional system that your entire team can access, in order to stay on top of things and keep your family relationships intact.

Quality, efficient and functional software is a necessity when it comes down to personalization in the admissions process. Implement the industry’s leading software, paired with expert customer service by Proof Group.