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As an admissions team for an independent school or small college, personalization with your prospective, current and past students is key. The hundreds of families that you encounter on a daily basis expect you to know them personally. So, how is this personalization achievable? There are a few ways to keep your admissions team in the know while solidifying relationships with your school’s students and families.

First, you need time. In order to create personal relationships, you need to have the time to spend learning and interacting with students and families. Efficient and effective software allows you and your team to access information all in one place, quickly and easily. This simple addition to your workflow reduces the time you spend organizing and tracking student data and updates.

In order to gain personal relationships with more families, attentiveness plays a huge factor. With all your information housed in one place, you can go into a meeting with a family, knowing you have the most up-to-date and accurate information. This personal touch tells the family that you care, ultimately leaving a lasting impression.

Alongside the idea of attentiveness to gain personalization is functionality and ease. Accurate, easy-to-use software is something you and your admissions team will surely benefit from. Let’s say someone is out sick. Your daily operations cannot stop; therefore, you need a functional system that your entire team can access, in order to stay on top of things and keep your family relationships intact.

Quality, efficient and functional software is a necessity when it comes down to personalization in the admissions process. Implement the industry’s leading software, paired with expert customer service by Proof Group.