Thank You, Boston FileMaker peeps.


A big thank you to BAFDA, MIT FMUG, Harvard ABCD FileMaker's Working Group, and FileMaker Inc. for hosting all of us in Boston for our little conference on design and user interaction. I had a great time hanging out with lots of amazing, passionate developers. 

Plus, the kind folks at MIT FMUG hooked me up with these for the kids! 

Totally. Awesome. Cheers!

Announcing The Craft of FileMaker Workshops

I am really pleased to announce that I'll be co-hosting and leading Don Levan's (Vanguard Custom Software) upcoming interaction design workshops for FileMaker developers.

We had so much fun in NYC we decided to do it again. Here's the link the main site:

Real quick, the dates are March 9, 2011 in Atlanta, hosted by our good friends at 360Works and April 13th in San Francisco, hosted by SavvyData!


3 Reasons Why The Hun School of Princeton uses Proof Admissions

Through finding key data points, managing interests and personalizing the admissions process, The Hun School of Princeton uses Proof Admissions tools to spearhead their Admissions strategic plan.

How does Proof Admissions help your office?

The hole, not the drill

Drill Bit cutting through wood "Stop Action"

"People don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!" - Theodore Levitt