Adding test scores to Proof Admissions

Proof heads to San Diego this week for the annual ERB conference. A logical question for Thomson at the Proof booth is how Proof Admissions keeps track of test scores like the ISEE or SSAT or TOEFL.

This video illustrates just how easy it is.

Be sure to stop by to see Thomson at table 19 if you are at ERB!

It is all about the data

Take 15 minutes to check this out:

It is all about the data. Social-media is dominated by "marketers" at the moment. I actually think that information-engineers have yet to fully contribute.

Using Facebook to Bolster Alumni Contact Data

I was talking the other day with Rich Portelance from Canterbury School about the things that they are doing with technology at the school. Rich has a background in branding and marketing and our conversation naturally turned to the social media topics that my friend Peter Baron at AdmissionsQuest has been talking so much about.

2008 Election: Take home lessons re: school technology

In many ways, this election was a testament to the impact of the information technology. We are in a kind of "second age" of information technology--it isn't maturing, it has matured.

Social-media apps like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, realtime video chat, broadband connections, web-2.0 mashups, and rich community websites (e.g. have come together in an unprecedented way to bear witness to history in the making.

I take home a couple of lessons from this.