A new communications tool for your FileMaker® Pro solutions

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fmSpark is an ideal solution for FileMaker developers and in-house professionals who want to add powerful correspondence management features to their solutions. It is designed to bolt-on to any existing FileMaker database and geared towards everyday FileMaker developers and users.

With fmSpark you can manage all of your emails, letters and labels without ever leaving Browse Mode. Merge any data from your solutions into elegant HTML email messages or sharp, professional letters and labels that you can modify or personalize on the fly.

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fmSpark Blog

fmSpark would look better with...

Now that fmSpark is functionally complete, it's missing something. Specifically, it's missing sample data. We can't simply dump in a list made-up names and addresses and create random data; fmSpark needs data that looks good, by which I mean templates that demonstrate how good your email (and letters and labels) can look using fmSpark.

fmSpark, Behind the Curtain

First, a big thank you to our BETA testers and our partners at SeedCode! We've been getting excellent feedback and bug reports, and fmSpark will be a much better product for it.

So, where do these bug reports go and how do we handle them?

fmSpark coming Real Soon Now™

As we get closer to pushing fmSpark out the door there are a few issues remaining to be finished off. Having been in this business for more years than I care to admit, I am nevertheless surprised when beta testers find bugs that were missed during development. No matter how much time you spend with the product, refining and tweaking and bug stomping, there will nonetheless be a few that slip out the door. I'm happy to say that all known bugs have now been squashed and fmSpark will be released shortly.

fmSpark 1.0 in BETA!

We've crossed a huge milestone this past week. fmSpark 1.0 is officially in private BETA and I thought I'd step back a little and get you all caught up on the development effort.

First, a huge thanks to the those who have been using version 0.9 in production work, and also to John Sindelar at SeedCode for the tremendous positive prodding a long the way.