Welcome Beckett to the Proof Family

Please join us in welcoming Beckett Koe as the newest member of the Proof family. Beckett came in to the World at 6:29 PM on Tuesday, April 28, weighing in at 7lbs 10oz.

Congratulations to Ernest and Charmaine. We are all wishing you much love and happiness with this new addition to your family.

Recap of Philly Road Show Stop

Colin Keef wrote a nice recap of Ernest's presentation of fmSpark, NinjaCal and the MVC development model to the Philly FileMaker User Group.

Thanks, Colin, for the kind words!

A Word About Licensing

To: Our Prospective School Software Customers

Recently, we've been getting some great questions from you about our licensing terms and how they compare to other FileMaker school database products. While I can't speak to how other companies handle this, I thought I'd take the opportunity to talk about how Proof's licenses work. I've put together a more complete FAQ on this topic but here are some highlights.

Protecting your investment

As budgets tighten everywhere, it's critical to get value for the money you spend. The need for good service, support and innovative solutions to meet your daily challenges doesn't diminish just because funds are in short supply.

fmSpark/NinjaCal Road Show - Philadelphia

Ernest Koe will be in Philadelphia for another fmSpark/NinjaCal Roadshow. Come join us at the fmPUG meeting here:

Tuesday 24th March
6:00 PM to 8:00pm

414 Commerce Dr.
Suite 150
Fort Washington, PA 19034

This will be an under-the-hood session on Proof's mail-merge solution, fmSpark and their latest must-have for FileMaker developers, NinjaCal, a super-easy-to-integrate native FileMaker calendar widget. The session will cover a range of topics including scripting practices, quasi-MVC design and the object-model architecture.