fmMap now available

As promised at my Pause on Error session a couple weeks ago, I'm posting the download link for fmMap which allows for single and multiple-point Google maps to be created in FileMaker Pro's Web Viewer. This download includes all the FileMaker binaries (example files) plus all the web-based files (PHP, CSS, etc) for hosting this yourself.

Using FileMaker's SQL UNION to combine data

At Pause On Error I was scheduled to lead a discussion about using the SQL API in FileMaker Pro but nixed it to make room for other presenters. Instead I talked about FileMaker MVC with Ernest and data modeling with David Graham of BitTailor. Because of the popularity of the topic, however, I thought I'd address a few of the questions I received in hallways and at the bar here.

Google Mapping in FileMaker, coming soon

We're very excited to be attending Pause on Error PDX 2010 later this week. I'm doing a joint session with Micah Woods discussing a couple different techniques for bringing Google Maps into FileMaker.

After my session, we'll be releasing a free Google Mapping module for use with any FileMaker Pro database application (v9 or higher, please). Just watch this space or Twitter for more information.

Proof presenting with MIT at CASE

Mike Lee will be speaking at the CASE District I conference in Boston with Donna Savelli Orleman from the MIT Alumni Association. The title of the session is: Getting Everyone on the Same Page: Integrating Databases. Mike and Donna will be discussing the work that Proof and the MITAA have done integrating Oracle and FIleMaker Pro. From the CASE program guide:

Know Your PHP Environments

I use Marc Liyanage’s PHP5 distribution on my Mac instead of the version that comes installed with OS X; sooner or later I usually find that there’s some extension that’s either missing or too old for a particular development requirement, and Marc’s distribution is usually a little more up to date and complete.