Proof welcomes Mike Lee to the team

Proof is proud to welcome Mike Lee to its growing team.

Mike Lee is a Certified FileMaker developer and comes to Proof with over six years of experience in software consulting and development. Mike has designed and implemented many FileMaker solutions and specializes in the integration of FileMaker with web technologies such as PHP and Flash. As a former teacher and technology “guru”, Mike also brings with him a deep understanding of schools and not-for-profits.

Corn Walker joins Proof

Proof is pleased to announce that Corn Walker has joined The Proof Group LLC.

A message from Ernest Koe

Dear friends,

I owe everyone an explanation for the radio silence from my corner in the last few months. My deepest apologies to friends and readers out there who have been pinging me without avail. I wasn’t ignoring you. Well, yes, I was, in fact, ignoring you but, in my defense, it was because I had agreed not to discuss the all-consuming negotiations of my separation from inRESONANCE that had been underway.

Proof Begins

Ernest Koe and Steve Ritchie, the former COO and CFOs of inRESONANCE (iR) respectively, have left iR to start a new company, Proof. Details are (mostly) under wraps at this time, please contact info for further information.

Happy New Year!

Filemakery, Part I

I have been following Steven Blackwell’s post and comments to it with keen interest. It touches on a pattern of FileMaker polemics I have been mulling over myself. There is a certain tension in the FileMaker community that is often framed in terms of competing philosophies: geek vs. regular-joe, theory versus practice, technical versus non-technical, relational design versus flat design and so on.