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Proof will be at TABS

I'm starting to get excited about heading down to Baltimore in early December for The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) annual conference. This year we decided not to take a booth in the exhibit hall, opting instead to be free to move around the conference without worrying about manning our post. This is a lot more flexible and hopefully it will provide more opportnities for conversations and introductions.

Using Facebook to Bolster Alumni Contact Data

I was talking the other day with Rich Portelance from Canterbury School about the things that they are doing with technology at the school. Rich has a background in branding and marketing and our conversation naturally turned to the social media topics that my friend Peter Baron at AdmissionsQuest has been talking so much about.

Raising the bar: What makes a school information system "ready"?

We haven't talked much publically about the work we have been doing on our unified school information system. A conversation I had the other day with a potential client made me think that it was about time to share some of what we have been working on and thinking about, starting with why we haven't released our product yet.

I was walking her through our system and she said, "this is so much better than what we have been using and anything we have seen recently. Why haven't you been marketing the product?"

Ernest's FileMaker Webinar Recording Available

A recording of Ernest's FileMaker layout fundementals webinar is available for viewing:

TLU accepting online applications through Drupal based portal

Texas Lutheran University has started the fall semester with a new Drupal based online application system designed and developed by Proof. Their applicants are able to create accounts and complete the multi page application in one or more sessions, saving progress so that they can return at any time. The application includes detailed biographical and geographical information, education history, interests and more.