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Can I get dashboard for my database?

We have been asked several times recently whether it is possible to fit some of the functionality that we have built into Proof for Schools onto an existing FileMaker database. With some exceptions, the answer is absolutely. We can, and have, developed dashboard interfaces for admission and development databases that were not originally built on our PFS framework.

Where have we been, you ask?

Happy new year. It certainly is a happy one for Proof. After 2 years of being restricted by agreement from working with the schools and people that we all had built relationships with over our many years at inResonance, we are now finally free to reach out and reconnect.

TABS 2008 redux

I'm back from a couple of days at The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) conference in Baltimore, MD. Before I get into my recap of the conference, things that (with apologies to Peter King) may be interesting only to me:

Thoughts on tweeting vs. blogging

I wanted to share some thoughts about a couple of posts that I have found interesting.

Student social media project could be great PR tool

As a former educator and a current social media junkie, I have thoroughly enjoyed following a website called WA Mash for the past couple of months.