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A vote for plain text

email inboxI was realizing the other day just how much of my email, work and personal, I get on my iPhone. I get the same messages on my computer, but very often, I wind up reading them first on my phone.

Reducing the size of PDFs from Preview

I am a big fan of the Preview application that is the default PDF/image viewer in Mac OSX. Discovering that I could use it for scanning was a revelation that might have included a bit of a jig. And the signature feature… brilliant!

FileMaker Go

Like most FileMaker users, we were excited to learn about the release of FileMaker Go for the iPhone and iPad. It promises to offer a new level of flexibility in connecting with your data that many of us have been looking forward to for a long time. FileMaker has done a very nice job with this product.

Proof joins WhippleHill Ecosystem

Proof is happy to announce that we have joined as partners in the WhippleHill Ecosystem. We have taken advantage of WhippleHill''s API to provide meaningful integration between our admission and enrollment system and the WhippleHill Podium SIS. Schools can now manage the admission process with Proof then push new students and families to Podium with the push of a button. No exports and imports - honest to goodness integration into the workflow. And that is just the beginning. Stay tuned.

A word about FileMaker Pro 11

We are excited about the release of FileMaker Pro 11. There are a handful of feature and usability advancements that make it a very compelling upgrade and keep us excited about the evolution of the platform. We are looking forward to taking full advantage in our future solutions. We also understand that it will be some time before many organizations will be ready to make the move to a new version of FileMaker across all of their users.