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Greetings from DrupalCon

Good morning from San Francisco!  Ernest and I are here for DrupalCon SF2010.  We're looking forward to seeing old friends from the Drupal community, and making some new ones.

We're hoping to have a FileMaker Pro / Drupal "Birds of a Feather" session at some point this week. Let's coordinate on the conference forums at:

Know Your PHP Environments

I use Marc Liyanage’s PHP5 distribution on my Mac instead of the version that comes installed with OS X; sooner or later I usually find that there’s some extension that’s either missing or too old for a particular development requirement, and Marc’s distribution is usually a little more up to date and complete.

Module Weight and Overriding Menu Items in Drupal 5

Module weights sometimes come into play when you're trying to override certain aspects of the core or other modules. If you look in the Drupal database's system table you'll notice a field called weight - this is what determines the order in which all of the installed modules' hooks will get called during a page request.

Migrating content from MovableType or TypePad to Drupal with Python

Migrating content out of one blogging or content management system into another is one of those tasks that doesn't usually merit writing a feature-complete, polished migration tool; no two systems are alike, and no two migration scenarios are alike either. Since it's an infrequent process, there's not really incentive for anyone to write or maintain a dedicated Drupal module for doing such migrations (unless perhaps they find themselves doing a whole lot of migrations for clients.)

The Devel Module Observation Effect

The Devel module is such an indispensable part of any Drupal developer's toolkit that it's easy to forget that it does sometimes tinker with Drupal at a fairly low level. I was getting a perplexing error from an XML-RPC service I was developing as part of a Drupal module.