Backup your FileMaker databases!

Sandy the Frankenstorm is upon us here on the East Coast. We've been in touch with all of our clients in harms way, but figured that now is as good a time as any for some reminders about taking care of your vital data.

When there is a likelihood of a power outage due to a storm, we strongly encourage the precaution of:
  • Power down the FileMaker Server in advance of an anticipated outage
  • Create local copies of all of your database directories
  • Copy/upload your database files to an offsite location - if necessary, these can be used to spin up a remote FileMaker server as a stop-gap contingency in case local power is down for an extended period.
And we always recommend:
  • Scheduled, periodic database server backups (using the native FileMaker Server backup tools). We recommend:
    • at least twice daily with dailies saved for a week
    • weekly snapshots saved for a month
    • monthly snapshots saved for as long as you have the storage
  • Periodic verification that your backups are working, and that the backed up files are, indeed, good to go (grab a random backup and open it to find out. It should open up without any warnings).
  • Keep an updated, offsite copy of your database files to hedge against a worst case scenario. This is easier than ever with cloud based backup services like Dropbox.
  • Use a UPS that will gracefully shut down your FileMaker server in case of a surprise loss of power.
Don't forget that Proof support gives you access to proactive help... if you need assistance spinning up remote servers for business continuity or just for fun, just ping us.

Stay safe and dry!