Use email to help fans find you

It is well established that it is essential to be where your constituents are if you hope to compete for their attention. That means Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and maybe even Pinterest. This was part of the impetus for Proof helping to found edSocialMedia to explore how schools can be successful in the new world of social media.

But how do you get your constituents to find you there? There are multiple answers to this question (and I encourage you to spend some time on and, even better, in one of our events learning about some of them), but one answer is simple: email.

You have email addresses for your parents (past, current and prospective) and the rest of your school constituency. Make a point of including your social handles in your signature whenever you contact them. And don't be afraid of sending a message (don't over-do the frequency) encouraging them to connect with you on social media, and encouraging their friends to connect with you.

The future of communication and community is in the social web (the ever evolving monster that it is), but there is still a place for good old email for delivering your message - even when the message is "meet me over there!"