Steve Bristol, Director of Admissions & Financial Aid at The Hun School of Princeton

Caroline LaVigne, Director of Admissions & Tuition Aid at John Burroughs School

What people are saying about Proof...

It's a relief to work with a company who wants to help us do our work, rather than change our work to match their software. - John Zurcher, William Penn Charter School

I couldn't do my job without ADM. For me, the key to a successful database is not having to think about your database. I don't ever think about my database. It helps me be effective and efficient in everything I do.- Susanne Carpenter, The Nashoba Brooks School

This is what customer service is all about; you guys “get it”!! - Dawn Curtis, Westover School

Many thanks to Proof Group for the best FileMaker support on the planet! - William Stites, The Montclair Kimberley Academy

I have to say that we are so incredibly pleased with not only the product, but more importantly the 2 people (Mike and Jason) who have worked and continue to work with us on this project. A good solid product is one thing but having the right people be there to develop and support the product is key. This experience with Proof has been top notch and we are very much looking forward to continuing to work with you in the future. - Pam Fortin, Eagle Hill School

Proof has assembled a lot of talent for a small firm ... much more than others many times your size. - David Grahm, Bit Tailor

I just heard your interviews from Devcon and really have to take my hat off to your outstanding work. It's a real pleasure to see such quality work combined with simple and logical licensing terms that address all needs fairly. It will be a pleasure seeing your future endeavors come to fruition. - Ralf Mandt-Rauch, Secure.CC

...and fmSpark

Almost stupid to create one on your own when even if you didn't want to use it, which would be stupid again itself, just learning from what you've done here is worth the price of admission - Matt Petrowsky, FileMaker Magazine

Hi - just been looking at fmSpark - loads of work gone into it - really impressed with what you've managed to do. - Tim Anderson, Tim Anderson Group

I must admit that I was blown away when I saw your solution first (but this behaviour might be already known to you ;-) - Egbert A. Friedrich, herrfriedrich.com

fmSpark is very impressive and certainly allows the user to manage all of their communication needs very easily. - Ron Romanowicz, The Harvey School

My client is very, very happy and of course I am too. We both agreed, that fmSpark is a very powerful tool. I can highly recommend it to anybody who wants to send letters and emails to Filemaker contacts. Especially the HTML email function is just great! - Regine Endres, Web and Wild

My compliments to the entire fmSpark team, its a great product and a real innovation! - Brian Winslow Smith, Winslow Technical Services

"[fmSpark is] un-frigging-believable! Brilliant!!!" - Peter Stapleton